Revolutionizing the Battlefield: Introducing MORS and FJX HORUS to Warzone’s Arsenal

MORS Warzone Meta Loadout Loadouts

With the Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 update rolling out on April 3rd, the introduction of two groundbreaking weapons, the MORS sniper rifle and the FJX HORUS submachine gun, heralds a significant shift in the game’s combat dynamics. Each weapon brings a unique set of capabilities to the battlefield, but it’s their meta loadouts that unleash their full potential, particularly the MORS with its unparalleled one-shot kill capability and the FJX HORUS with a build tailored for aggressive play.

MORS is a meta: The Future of Long-Range Combat

The MORS sniper rifle has quickly become a staple in the PURE META list, favored for its futuristic design and devastating power. The recommended MORS META loadout for maximizing its one-shot capability is as follows:

  • Ammunition: HVP ANTI-MATERIEL SLUG – This ammunition type ensures that each shot packs a devastating punch, capable of downing an enemy with a single headshot across considerable distances.
  • Stock: ICARUS LIGHT STOCK – Enhances mobility, allowing for quicker positioning and repositioning, vital for snipers who need to relocate swiftly after making their presence known.
  • Optic: MCPR-300 9.5X – This optic provides a perfect balance between magnification and field of view, offering the precision needed for long-range targeting without sacrificing situational awareness.
  • Bolt: QUICK BOLT – Speeds up rechambering, which is crucial for engaging multiple targets or delivering follow-up shots with minimal delay.
  • Barrel: TONNE HEAVY BARREL – Increases bullet velocity and range, ensuring that shots hit the target faster and with minimal drop, critical for long-distance engagements.
MORS meta loadout
MORS meta loadout by WZHUB

This configuration ensures the MORS sniper rifle is a formidable force in long-range engagements, capable of taking down enemies with a single headshot from distances that span the map. Use our MORS meta loadout to dominate the battlefield.

FJX HORUS: A Masterclass in Mobility and Firepower

While the FJX HORUS may not have landed in the PURE META category due to its recoil and sight challenges, it’s undeniably a beast in its right with the correct build. The best build for the FJX HORUS, designed to balance its recoil while maximizing its lethality and magazine capacity, includes:

  • Magazine: 48 ROUND MAG – Provides ample ammunition for extended engagements without the need for frequent reloading.
  • Ammunition: 9MM HIGH GRAIN ROUNDS – Increases damage output, making each shot count.
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 HANDSTOP – Improves control, helping to manage the SMG’s significant recoil.
  • Barrel: SYN9 LONG BARREL – Extends range and velocity, allowing for more effective engagement at mid-range.
  • Muzzle: ZEHMN35 COMPENSATED FLASH HIDER – Reduces muzzle flash and slightly compensates for recoil, aiding in keeping shots on target and the shooter concealed.
FJX HORUS loadout
FJX HORUS loadout

This build transforms the FJX HORUS into a versatile weapon for those who value mobility and aggressive play. It’s especially effective in close to mid-range combat, where its enhanced firepower and sustained fire capability can overwhelm opponents.


The Season 3 update of Call of Duty: Warzone has enriched the game’s strategic depth with the introduction of the MORS and FJX HORUS, each offering distinct advantages to players’ arsenals. The MORS stands out for its long-range precision, becoming a must-have for snipers who aim to influence the battle from afar. Meanwhile, the FJX HORUS, with its optimized build, presents an appealing option for players who excel in fast-paced, close-quarter skirmishes. Together, these weapons highlight the evolving tactics within Warzone, inviting players to explore and adapt to new combat styles.

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