Patch Notes for Warzone Season 3 Reloaded: A Comprehensive Weapon Update

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Patch Notes Patch Notes

The Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Patch Notes update brings a myriad of changes to the arsenal available in the game, aimed at refining the balance and enhancing the play experience across multiple weapon categories. This extensive update covers everything from assault rifles to handguns, ensuring a fresh and engaging environment for all players.

Assault Rifles Rebalanced

  • BP50: This rifle sees an increase in hipfire spread, making it less effective in close-quarter hip-fire situations.
  • SVA 545: The changes to this gun also focus on increasing hipfire spread, affecting its utility in quick-response scenarios.
  • RAM-7: This popular choice has received a notable reduction in damage, which might shift its prevalence in the meta.
  • MTZ-556: Adjustments have been made to increase hipfire spread.
  • HOLGER 556: Similar to the MTZ-556, the Holger sees increases in hipfire spread.
  • MCW: This weapon gets a damage boost, potentially increasing its competitive usage.
  • FR 5.56: It has received several beneficial tweaks including increased bullet velocity and aim down sights movement speed, making it more viable.

Submachine Guns and Shotguns Adjustments

  • HRM-9 and RAM-9: Both SMGs undergo changes with HRM-9 receiving a reduction in damage and the RAM-9 seeing an increase in recoil, possibly to offset its accuracy over continuous fire.
  • RIVAL 9: Increased damage but reduced damage range, suggesting a shift towards more close combat use.
  • WSP-9 and STRIKER: These SMGs have seen improvements in sprint-to-fire times and damage adjustments to make them more competitive.
  • KV BROADSIDE and RIVETER: Shotguns with modified aim down sight spread to enhance their effectiveness in specific combat situations.

Light and Battle Rifles Fine-Tuning

  • SOA SUBVERTER and MTZ-762: Battle rifles that have seen decreases in damage and ADS time, respectively, to balance their roles on the battlefield.
  • DG-58 LSW and BRUEN MK9: LMGs receive adjustments in damage and damage modifiers to better define their niches in support roles.

Sniper and Marksman Rifles Overhaul

  • XRK STALKER, KATT-AMR, and MORS: Sniper rifles with decreased bullet velocity and changes to ADS time, directly impacting their use in long-range engagements.

Handgun Enhancements

  • COR-45, RENETTI, and P890 (MWII): These pistols have received increases in movement speed, enhancing mobility when equipped.
  • .50 GS (MWII) and X12 (MWII): Increased sprint speeds are set to encourage more aggressive playstyles.

General Attachment and Ammunition Revisions

This update includes an array of attachment tweaks, especially for the FR 5.56, aiming to increase its overall viability. The adjustments include removal of movement speed penalties, improvements in recoil control, and more refined aim down sight benefits. These changes are intended to make the attachments more appealing and the weapons they support more tailored to specific combat roles.


Season 3 Reloaded Patch Notes of Warzone presents a strategic overhaul of the game’s weaponry, with a focus on balance and enhancing gameplay diversity. These changes are poised to affect game dynamics significantly, encouraging players to adapt new strategies and explore different weapon setups to find what best suits their playstyle in the evolving Warzone landscape.

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