Hidden Blueprints on Rebirth Island in Season 3 of Warzone

Rebirth Island Hidden Blueprints Rebirth Island (2024)

The unveiling of Season 3 in Call of Duty: Warzone has brought an exhilarating new challenge to the players of Rebirth Island. Amidst the chaos of survival and the thrill of combat, lies a hidden quest that has captivated the community: the hunt for hidden weapon blueprints. To aid in this adventurous quest, we’ve meticulously crafted a complete map of these blueprints’ locations on our interactive map of Rebirth Island, ensuring every player has the chance to arm themselves with unique and powerful weapons.

Embarking on the Blueprint Hunt

The inclusion of hidden blueprints across Rebirth Island injects an enthralling strategic element into Warzone. Players are now enticed to venture into new territories, balancing the perilous journey with the promise of securing top-tier weaponry right from the game’s onset. Each discovered blueprint is a key to unlocking specially customized weapons, potentially altering the course of battles in an instant.

The Interactive Guide to Victory

The journey to uncover these blueprints is fraught with challenges, from navigating treacherous terrain to overcoming formidable enemies. Our interactive map streamlines this voyage by pinpointing the exact locations of the blueprints, alongside vital information on landmarks and potential threats. This dynamic tool is designed to offer an in-depth look at each site, providing strategic insights and tips to successfully claim your prize.

A Catalogue of Power: The Blueprints of Rebirth Island

Our interactive map not only guides you to the blueprints but also reveals the full list of weapons you can find on the map in each match (60% spawn chance). Each blueprint is a gateway to a unique weapon, offering a diverse arsenal to suit any playstyle:

  • Get Glowing – XRK Stalker
  • Akkorokamui – KATT AMR
  • Orator – RAM-7
  • Coin Feeder – MTZ Interceptor
  • Crocodile – TAQ Evolvere
  • Transparent Triage – DG58 LSW
  • Arcade Rythm – Rival-9
  • Bident – Haymaker
  • Exoridum – Renetti
  • Soul Carver – Riverter
  • Envy – SVA 556
  • Comic Carbine – Striker-9
  • Blam Blam – MCW
  • Dahlia – Bruen MK9
  • Gridlock – MCW 6.8
  • Sweet Siren – WSP Swarm

Each blueprint is a masterpiece of warfare, waiting to be unleashed.

SVA 545 blueprint in Living Quarters
SVA 545 blueprint in Living Quarters

Conclusion: The Hunt Awaits

The search for hidden blueprints on Rebirth Island represents a thrilling new aspect of Warzone Season 3. Armed with our interactive map and the knowledge of what treasures await, players can embark on a quest not just for survival, but for dominance. These blueprints are more than just tools of destruction; they’re symbols of cunning, exploration, and triumph. So, gear up, dive into the hunt, and let the quest for the hidden blueprints lead you to victory. However, if you’re looking to discover the current top-performing weapon, make sure to check out our section dedicated to Warzone META loadouts.

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