Unlocking the Unstable Rift in MW3 Zombies: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Unlock Unstable Rift in MWZ Easter Egg

Introduction to the Unstable Rift

The latest update for Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies introduces an exciting new challenge: unlocking the Unstable Rift. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough to help players navigate the complexities of this Easter egg, focusing on finding and completing obelisks, competing with other teams, and utilizing the interactive map of Urzikstan.

Completing Obelisks to Unlock the Rift

To unlock the Unstable Rift, players must locate and complete three obelisks scattered throughout the map. Each obelisk comes with its own unique rule that must be followed. For example, one obelisk may require players to use a specific ammo type to kill zombies in its vicinity. The map shows all possible locations of obelisks, but it does not mean that all of them will be available in every match.

1. Obelisk Locations

Use WZHUB’s interactive map of Urzikstan to find the exact locations of all obelisks. This tool is available via website and through iOS/Android app. The map is an invaluable resource, providing precise locations and helping players plan their strategy (not just for Zombies, but also for Battle Royale and DMZ).

Obelisk Map Locations on WZHUB
Obelisk Map Locations on WZHUB

2. Completing Obelisk Challenges

Each obelisk has a distinct challenge. Pay close attention to the requirements, such as using specific ammo types or performing certain actions around the obelisk. Successfully completing these challenges is crucial to progressing towards the Unstable Rift.

Competing with Other Teams

The competition doesn’t end with finding the obelisks. Other teams are also hunting for these pivotal points, making it a race against time and strategy. Be aware that other teams can overtake an obelisk you’re working on. Coordination and quick action are essential. Always have a backup plan and communicate with your team to avoid being outmaneuvered.

Once three obelisks on the map have been completed, a Red Portal will appear, indicating the location of the Unstable Rift. This portal is visible to all teams, so speed is of the essence. Be prepared for a potential showdown with other players also aiming to unlock the rift.

The map of Urzikstan is a vast and complex terrain. Utilizing all available resources, including the WZHUB interactive map, can give you a significant advantage. Accessible via the website or mobile app, the WZHUB interactive map provides detailed locations of obelisks and other important features. This tool is essential for planning your route and ensuring you don’t miss any critical points.

Efficient navigation and strategic movement across the map can save valuable time. Knowing the shortest paths and the locations of potential hazards or enemy teams can make the difference between success and failure.


Unlocking the Unstable Rift in MW3 Zombies requires a combination of strategy, speed, and teamwork. By finding and completing the obelisks, competing effectively with other teams, and utilizing resources like the WZHUB interactive map, you can successfully unlock this exciting new feature. Stay vigilant, communicate with your team, and move quickly to secure the Unstable Rift before your rivals.

For further detailed walkthroughs and visual aids, refer to popular YouTube channels specializing in MW3 Zombies content, such as MrDalekJD’s video about this easter egg. These videos provide step-by-step guides and additional tips to enhance your gameplay experience. If you’re interested in other guides, check out our recent post about Bunker 7 Black Ops 6 Easter Egg.

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