Unleashing the Crossbow: The One-Shot Meta Loadout for Warzone

Crossbow One-Shot Meta Loadout Loadouts


The Crossbow in Warzone, part of the Modern Warfare II weapon system, has recently seen significant enhancements that have solidified its position as a meta weapon for sharpshooters who can master its unique bolt ballistics. With the Season 4 update on May 29th, the Crossbow now boasts the ability to one-shot enemies at any distance, regardless of where the bolt lands—be it the leg, hand, or anywhere else. This game-changing feature has transformed the Crossbow into a lethal tool for those skilled enough to wield it effectively. Here’s a look at the best meta loadout for the Crossbow in Warzone.

The Best Crossbow Meta Loadout for Warzone

Here is the best build for Crossbow to One-Shot enemies at any range, even leg/hand shot:

Cable: 28-Strand Cable

Bolt: Blastcap 20” Bolts

Optic: Corio Eagleseye 2.5x (you can switch it to any preferable optic)

Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56

Arms: SO Momenti

Crossbow One-Shot Meta Loadout
Crossbow One-Shot Meta Loadout

Verified Creators’ Loadouts

For those looking to explore different builds, several verified creators have shared their preferred Crossbow loadouts. These creators offer unique insights and variations that can cater to different playstyles. Visiting their pages can provide additional tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of the Crossbow in Warzone.

  1. Phyzik Crossbow Meta Loadout
  2. Fabripro Crossbow Meta Loadout

Camo Challenges via WZHUB Trackers

Camo grinders can use our Camo Trackers to monitor their progress on Crossbow challenges. These trackers help players keep track of their achievements and ensure they are on the right path to unlocking the coveted camos. Completing these challenges not only adds a visual flair to the weapon but also showcases the player’s dedication and skill.

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The Crossbow in Warzone has become a formidable weapon following the Season 4 update, capable of one-shot eliminations at any distance. Mastering its unique ballistics and equipping it with the right attachments can turn it into a game-changing tool on the battlefield. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Crossbow, this meta loadout provides the perfect starting point for dominating your opponents in Warzone.

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