The New Warzone Meta: Holger 26 Reigns Supreme

Holger 26 Meta Loadout Meta

With the release of Modern Warfare 3, the battlefield in Warzone has seen significant shifts in weapon dynamics. The latest patch, which notably nerfed the DG-58, has paved the way for a new contender in the meta. Enter the Holger 26, an LMG that is quickly earning its place as the top choice for long-range engagements. Here’s an in-depth look at why the Holger 26 is now the king of Warzone and how to maximize its potential.

The Rise of the Holger 26

The Holger 26 is part of the Modern Warfare 3 weapon system, a game that has introduced a diverse arsenal tailored for various combat scenarios. This LMG, originally overshadowed by other weapons, has now emerged from the periphery to become a dominant force in Warzone. Its adaptability and power make it a formidable choice for players looking to secure victories.

Impact of the DG-58 Nerf

On June 4th, a pivotal patch note changed the Warzone landscape by nerfing the DG-58, which had been a staple in the meta. This adjustment reduced the effectiveness of the DG-58, creating an opportunity for the Holger 26 to shine. The reduction in the DG-58’s damage output and range capabilities has shifted the balance, making the Holger 26 the new go-to weapon for those seeking supremacy in long-range combat.

Best Warzone Meta Loadout for Holger 26

To fully harness the power of the Holger 26, a precise loadout is essential. Here is the recommended setup for long-range engagements:



Optic: CORIO EAGLESEYE 2.5X (you can switch it to any preferable optic)



This configuration enhances the Holger 26’s stability, accuracy, and range, making it a lethal weapon at a distance. The ASCENT LORD STOCK and BRUEN HEAVY SUPPORT GRIP provide crucial recoil control, while the CORIO EAGLESEYE 2.5X optic offers a clear sight picture without sacrificing peripheral vision. The HOLGER FACTORY BARREL and VT-7 SPIRITFIRE SUPPRESSOR further boost range and stealth, ensuring that your shots remain undetected.

Holger 26 Meta Loadout for Warzone
Holger 26 Meta Loadout for Warzone

Explore Verified Loadouts from Top Creators

For players seeking alternative configurations or looking to experiment with different builds, our community of verified creators offers a wealth of knowledge. These experts continuously test and refine their loadouts to adapt to the evolving meta. Visit their pages to discover a variety of Holger 26 setups tailored to different playstyles and preferences.

Track Your Camo Progress

If you are a camo grinder, the Holger 26 offers a range of challenges to keep you engaged. Use our Camo Trackers to monitor your progress toward unlocking prestigious camos such as Interstellar, Prestige, and Borealis. These tools provide detailed tracking, helping you achieve your cosmetic goals efficiently.


The Holger 26 has emerged as the new powerhouse in Warzone, thanks to the recent adjustments in the game’s balance. Its versatility and strength make it a top contender for long-range battles, offering players a reliable and effective option. By utilizing the optimal loadout and exploring configurations from top creators, you can maximize your performance on the battlefield. Don’t forget to track your camo progress to showcase your achievements. Embrace the Holger 26 and dominate Warzone like never before. If you’re looking for other guns, check our recent articles about Kar98k and Crossbow.

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