Discover the Secrets of Bunker 7 in Warzone: How to Unlock with the code

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Warzone enthusiasts, gear up for an exciting new adventure! As of June 5th, Bunker 7 in Urzikstan is now active and accessible, offering players a unique opportunity to delve into its mysteries. This bunker holds the key to unlocking the exclusive “SALLY” blueprint for the 9MM Daemon Akimbo handgun, a weapon from the Modern Warfare II arsenal that ties into the rich lore of the Black Ops series. Here’s everything you need to know about accessing and exploring Bunker 7.

Accessing Bunker 7: The Code You Need

To access Bunker 7, you’ll need the code: 72559. This code has been circulating among the Warzone community, and it’s the key to unlocking the heavy doors of this enigmatic location. Once inside, you’re in for a thrilling exploration that promises valuable rewards.

Inside Bunker 7: What to Expect

Upon entering Bunker 7, you’ll find yourself in a dimly lit, atmospheric environment reminiscent of Cold War-era installations. The bunker’s design and aesthetic pay homage to its historical context, with rusted steel, faded propaganda posters, and aging equipment filling the space.

The Old-Fashioned Computer

At the heart of Bunker 7 lies an old-fashioned computer, a relic from a bygone era. Interacting with this computer is crucial; it’s the gateway to receiving an exclusive card and the highly sought-after “SALLY” weapon blueprint. The computer interaction adds a layer of nostalgia and immersion, enhancing the overall experience of the bunker exploration.

Unlocking the “SALLY” Blueprint

The “SALLY” blueprint for the 9MM Daemon Akimbo handgun is a prize worth the effort. This blueprint not only enhances the weapon’s aesthetic but also provides a unique set of attachments and skins that make your gameplay more stylish and lethal. The blueprint ties into the Black Ops narrative, offering a piece of lore that fans of the series will undoubtedly appreciate.

Locating Bunker 7: Use WZHUB’s Interactive Map

Finding Bunker 7 in the vast landscape of Urzikstan can be a challenge, but thanks to WZHUB’s interactive map, locating this and other bunkers has never been easier. The map provides precise locations and detailed descriptions, ensuring you can navigate directly to Bunker 7 without any hassle. This tool is indispensable for players looking to explore all the hidden secrets of Warzone’s newest updates.


Bunker 7 in Warzone is more than just a hidden location; it’s a treasure trove of exclusive content waiting to be discovered. With the code 72559, you can unlock this bunker and delve into its secrets, interact with the vintage computer, and walk away with the “SALLY” blueprint for the 9MM Daemon Akimbo handgun. Don’t miss out on this exciting addition to the game. Check WZHUB’s interactive map, gear up, and head to Bunker 7 for an unforgettable Warzone experience.

By exploring Bunker 7, you not only enhance your arsenal but also immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Warzone and Black Ops lore. Happy hunting, and may your adventures in Urzikstan be rewarding! If you are looking for the best weapons to drop into Warzone, check our latest article about the New Warzone Meta.

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